Priceless Hunger

Apparently there’s a food crisis. Who knew? Living in New York City, it’s impossible to spend a day without passing a restaurant, a supermarket a street vendor, or a food wrapper wafting gently in the wind like some forgotten feather from an over-priced chicken.

I’m spoiled, I know.

But it’s not like I go out eating steak dinners every night. Post-college life (and the loans repayments that come with it) has proven to be the best thing for my waistline since I started listening to the Carpenters’ holiday album.

Her voice just makes me want to dance!

But here I am, trying to figure out how to live in New York without spending money on food. It’s not easy, but let me tell you, it can happen.

At a Memorial Day BBQ this past Monday, during a free meal (that’s one!) I explained to Suzy’s family the fine art of budget food shopping. Her aunt still cannot believe that Suzy, Lindsay (character development to come) and I only spent $4 on groceries. How did we do it? Don't ask Rachel Ray. Stick with us.

- Staying at the coffee shop around the corner until closing means free sandwiches and bread that would otherwise be trashed
- Reading the paper at the supermarket and buying 5lbs of rice for $1.99 is clever
- Buying the most nutrient rich food like eggs and apples, which are notoriously inexpensive
- We cheated. Lindsay has a meal plan and we visited the dining hall and stole a lot of fruit.

Still, the notion of eating cheaply is nothing new to someone who hasn’t bought a pair of pants at regular price in 8 years.

And besides, it’s summertime. Bring on the bathing suits!