Well, we finally found each other. I know it seemed like we never would, but we're here. Our love for food, different places, and the food in these places has united us at last. Welcome.

And really, I’m doing it all for you. While I could have a Food Network series or New York Times column, I decided instead to blog directly to you, the public. And besides, who can compete with Ina Garten, the sultry Food Network star that haunts my dreams like so many rotund chefs? What a slice.

So each week, I’ll be bringing you my newest concoctions, my most eye-popping discoveries, and my revisits to the familiar food joints that I’ve visited so many times before. After four years of dining hall food at NYU, I’ve been deprived of the culinary gems that New York has to offer. It’s time to take advantage, to ravish this city with my tongue and have the city reciprocate on my palate.

But four years of survival mode in New York and a stint in Paris (the culinary capitals of the world, maybe?) have forced me to learn some tricks in the kitchen. And with a little help from my cater-minded mom, an abundance of raw materials, and a dirty obsession with the Food Network, I’ve learned a thing or two about the wonders of cooking. I make a mean white chocolate cheesecake. I make balsamic vinegar my bitch. And I can make an onion do things that most TV channels won’t air until after 11.

And my travels, though limited, will often serve as the backdrop for my culinary crusades. Wurst in Munich, wine in Provence, fish and chips in London, poutines in Montreal, anything in Italy – I’ve been around the block. From Stockholm and Prague to Texas and Philadelphia, I love to taste the constantly changing local fare from nation to nation. I’ll go anywhere as long as they have kebab sandwiches.

Check in to see where I’ve been, what I’ve eaten, and what I’ve cooked. Maybe you’ll learn a thing or two. Maybe you’ll be inspired to pick up a knife and fire up the oven. Or maybe you’ll just be jealous of the fantastically inappropriate way I look at food, restaurants, and travel.