Go to Sweden without your passport!

I know I just got back to America, but my European tendencies have struck already. This time, Sweden. The place: IKEA in Brooklyn.

As if brushed steel and efficient storage units weren’t enough for me, the IKEA cafeteria served up a lunch to be reckoned with. I’ve never actually had Swedish meatballs, but I fell in love. For under 7 bucks I got a plate full of the bite-sized treats with a delicious brown gravy. Next to them were homemade mashed potatoes and a dollop of lingonberry jam, reminiscent of cranberry sauce.

And to boot, all of the delicious food at the cafeteria is available near the register, so you TOO can enjoy Swedish meatballs and lingonberry jam in the comfort of your tastefully decorated Scandinavian-inspired home.

So here’s the plan: Make a day of it! Take the free ferry from the South Street Seaport to the IKEA. Shop around for some wonderful light fixtures and textiles. Break for meatballs at the cafeteria, and enjoy the ferry ride back to Manhattan. Good time guaranteed.