Kebab Rekindled

GOT IT! So during the past 6 weeks in Paris, I've rekindled my relationship with the doner kebab. But alas, I must depart from it yet again (though only for a few weeks!).

Here in Paris, as opposed to Germany, there are ALWAYS french fries nestled within the pita. And the meat could be lamb or chicken -- one never knows. The salad is generally lettuce, tomato, and onion with none of the fanfare of the German counterpart.

At 4,50 to 5 euros, who can complain? You can even get your shaved meat and salad on a fresh baguette -- if you make it to the restaurant before they run out. But beware of the doner men. Most are sweaty, angry, and more inclined to speak broken English if they think you're not French.

If you're in Paris, the BEST doners are in the Latin Quarter, right by the St. Michel Metro stop. The tiny winding streets are at the same time quaint and bustling with tourists, but worth it for the variety of doner vendors.