Ode to Kennith

Some people aspire to fame. Others to fortune. But my good friend Kennith aspires to something beyond all of that -- the peach melba.

This delicate dessert of poached pears, vanilla ice cream and rasberry sauce is anything short of a mirachle. It's a norm in most Parisian restaurants, though it's not quite a hit in the States. That is, not yet, if Kennith has his way.

When Kennith and John came to Paris, the peach melba was nearly a daily staple, and with reason. It's delicious AND it includes at least one serving of fruit. Not bad. It's part of the reason they frequent Paris.

Need to know how to make one? It's not too hard. Here's a recipe for the melba from scratch, but you can cut a lot of corners and still have a fantastic result. Canned peaches work just fine. No need to poach your own! Ice cream and ready-made rasberry sauce are all you need to add. Top it all off with some whipped cream. dig in with a spoon, and you're practically in France!