Tongue Thai-ed...

How did I not know about this place after living in the West Village for 2 years? Wild Ginger, a splendid little Thai restaurant on Grove Street is a great choice for brunch during a lazy weekend. For $9.95, you get a drink (soda or white wine), a salad, and a main course that will not only fill you, but leave you smiling.

Let’s just say I chose the soda, ginger ale to be specific, since I didn’t need any more alcohol after that Saturday night. I also chose the Wild Ginger salad, a simple and hearty helping of lettuce with carrots and cucumbers in a creamy white dressing. It was no where near as sweet as the mango salad, strips of juicy mango with carrots and cucumbers.

I added on an order of spring rolls to have something fried. I heard it helps hangovers. The rolls were piping hot and flaky as I dipped them into the savory brown sauce. They were vegetable rolls for sure, but they almost tasted like pork. I love meat, so I wasn’t complaining!

The chicken Pad Thai that followed was killer. Red peppers and basil with a do-it-yourself squeeze of fresh lime juice blended perfectly with the chicken and soft, delectable noodles. I had to take a breather after the first half, but I put my chopsticks to work and cleared the plate before paying the check.

Between the sizeable salad and the healthy portion of Pad Thai, I was brimming with satisfaction. Wild Ginger definitely serves up some of the best Thai that I’ve had in a while, and at reasonable prices. Wish me good luck finding comparable Thai in Paris!