Brownie sandwich time...

Who knew I liked to bake?  Wait – who said I do?  I just have a lot of time on my hands.

Today: brownies.  The trick?  Buy a ready-made mix.  This time I ignored Betty in favor of Ghirardelli, which offers half the sex appeal, but is twice as gay.  Gay as in HAPPY.  Geeze.  (But really, come on, it’s from San Francisco.)  Anyway, I mixed up the batter with some water, veggie oil, and an egg and prepared to bake them up.

But plain old brownie squares are boring, I thought.  So how to jazz them up?  I took a cue from my Betty Crocker cake in my previous baking post and employed the layer method.  Layered brownies?  Yeah, it’s happening.

So I baked two circular brownie discs and sandwiched some whipped vanilla frosting in between them.  It’s not too rich so it goes well with the OVERLY rich chocolate brownies.  And to top it off, another thin layer of frosting with a peanut butter drizzle.  Refrigerate it to let everything set up, and voila. 

Another good option would have been a cream cheese filling.  Sweeten up some regular old Philadelphia cream cheese with some powdered sugar and vanilla extra, throw in some chocolate chips, and you’ve got a delicious creamy and textured filling for your brownie discs. 

Once the pie/cake/concoction is nice and cold, I’ll slice it up and get it in some Tupperware.  No one likes stale brownies, right?  

Stay tuned, I’m heading to Paris in (cross your fingers) exactly one week!