Political plates, spicy and for the people...

So Friday was a big day. Travels were short, but excitement was high. I was about to hop in the car for a short trip to Langhorne, Pennsylvania, home of, well, not much. Jill Sayre, if that means anything to you. Nah, me neither.

But vice presidential candidate Joe Biden and PA Governor Ed Rendell were in town to speak at the local junior high. To prepare for the event, I made myself an early lunch full of democratic delight and political punch. A zesty jalapeno mayo chicken wrap was on the menu. I was pressed for time, give me a break.

Mayo usually makes me gag looking at it in the jar. I mean, the noises it can make alone are enough to induce vomiting. But it’s funny what a little jalapeno sauce can do. I added enough to make the mayo a light green. Add some salt, pepper, and vinegar for another layer of flavor, and you’re set. It was so flavorful and just spicy enough.
I cooked some pre-made chicken tenders and toasted up a tortilla to go along with the jalapeno mayo. Once it was all ready, I wrapped up the chicken with a healthy dose of the light green ambrosia and took a bite. As the mayo dripped out the bag of the sandwich, I was in heaven. Way better than ketchup. Could have used some bacon, though.

So, what was so political about this meal? Let me tell you. The spice of the jalapeno was like the sharpness of Joe Biden’s speech, packed with the heat of his desire for change. And the chicken was substantial and filling, like his wife Jill’s hopes and ideas. And I served up a side of applesauce alongside the wrap to cool off my mouth just like Biden’s cool and soothing demeanor, but I sprinkled some cinnamon on top because he’s not at all bland or simple.

I mean, obviously, right?

But Biden was impressive and really connected with the crowd. It’s exciting to think that he could be sitting in the White House in a few months. I’m just glad I got a good dose of US politics before the big move!