Safe and green, the way water should be...

While preparing for my move to Paris, I thought about the water in Paris. It’s perfectly potable, if just a bit heavy on minerals. That just means I don’t need to take a vitamin, right?

But I thought it’d be eco-friendly of me to purchase a reusable water bottle so that during my travels in and out of the city, I can slake my thirst without adding to the landfills. Sure, France recycles, but that takes energy, time, and resources. It’s just as easy to refill.

Recyclable plastic bottles could be handy, but, as our friends in New Zealand tell us, it’s best to be super-cautious about reusing them. And after a few uses, they just feel dirty, like I’m drinking out of a used Ziploc bag, ya know? I prefer something tough, durable, and easy to clean.

My choice was a Camelback 1 liter bottle at Whole Foods for only $10. Other options, like Nalgene and Sigg are equally as viable and are BPA-free. Apparently BPA is linked to certain cancers, developmental problems, and obesity, according to some health advocates. The FDA says otherwise. Who knows – but I’m not taking the chance!