Bienvenue a Paris!

My how four weeks can go by without an update! We’ll let the photos do the talking to see how my Parisian cooking has fared so far.  The grocery bill has been tight, and the cooking space dismally small, but I think there have been some successes overall. Take a look!
Chicken nuggets anyone?  You don't need to go to McDonald's for these delights.  And carrots cooked in butter and brown sugar make it seem almost healthy!  The mustard is a mix of dijon and pure honey, giving you a real honey mustard that's spicy and sweet at the same time.
Pasta tossed with chicken and dried basil is simple and economic.  I like to throw some butter and a splash of olive oil to keep the pasta from drying out while in the pan.
This was a winner.  Homemade tomatoe sauce with lentils -- just stew some canned tomatoes with a dash of tomato paste and the spices of your choice.
You see, there isn't a whole lot of room.  But I make it work.

And there's always a baguette somewhere in the house.
This is one of my favorite.  Coucous is a regular in the kitchen, boiled with some chicken boullion. But the chicken is this dish's star.  Cooked with sun dried tomatoes and onions in olive oil, it's a taste of Italy with the flufffy and soft couscous.
This dish was sinfully simple.  It even looks easy.  It's just some scrambled eggs alongside penne and carrots.  Not surprising, but suprisingly filling.
I slaved over a pot of tomato sauce all night.  I added green olives, onions, carrots, and eventually lentils over some penne.  The sauce tasted better than anything out of a jar.  

This one was really savory.  I made some couscous with carrots (because both are extremely cheap) served up with saut√©ed sausage and onions.  The perfect meal after a day at work.