Dirty Sin Cakes

As if sin could be clean...

It's been a while since I had something really sweet and delicious.  Then today, I had a sampling of French pastries.  OK, find, delicious.  But I wanted something richer and more satisfying.  Don't we all?

So I took the chocolate cake recipe out of Better Homes and Gardens, my new bible.  It's got everything I need.  But of course, this
 is Paris, I have to French it up a bit, non?

So I used my muffin mold and made some little chocolate cupcakes.  Divine, for starters.  There's just something about French ingredients.  

So to add the dirty sin part, I melted some Nutella in a pan with some powdered sugar, milk, and naturally some butter.  Once it was all gooey and sinful, I drizzled it over my cupcake.  Then, well, I ate it.  

And that wasn't enough, so I decided to melt some peanut butter, some more butter, and some powdered sugar into the saucepan and drizzled it over the remaining cupcakes.  Nothing French about it, I admit, but man oh man...

This isn't the City of Sin, but there wasn't much light coming out of those little cakes!