Olive you, even if you are a mistake...

So last night I tried making pita bread.  Little did I know that the dough had to rise for 3 hours.  Whoops!  But I stuck the ball of flour, salt, water, and baking powder (not yeast, as the recipe called for -- whoops again!) in the refrigerator overnight and forgot about it.  

At 1 PM the next day, which is today, I remembered that the ball was sitting in the cold, so I took it out to see what was up.  Though a bit hardened and sticky, it was still good to be baked as far as I was concerned.  But I wasn't going to take any chances making yucky bread/scones/muffin -- you see, I didn't know how it was going to come out.

To jazz it up in hopes of making something special, I added crushed and pitted black olives along with some freshly torn basil.  A little Italian flavor never hurt anyone.  So I kneaded it until it was knelt as I wanted it to be (read: until I got tired).  I stuck it in the oven and this is what came out!  Little basil-olive scones -- a far cry from the puffy pita bread I was aiming for.  

Though after a bite, who cares?!  This delicious little mistake tasted like a pretzel muffin with a delicious basil aroma and salty olive bite.  Perfecto.  Sometimes you just want a little afternoon snack, and I'm glad I have these babies on hand to munch on.  

Recipe, roughly:
3 cups flour
some warm water mixed with about 2 tablespoons baking powder (or yeast if you want it breadier)
a few dashes of salt and pepper
a bit of sugar for luck
about a cup of crushed or diced and pitted black olives
a handful of shredded or minced fresh basil
patience and a muffin pan

Add the baking powder or yeast to warm water until frothy, and then add to flour and salt.  mix and knead, adding flour if needed, until it looks like the dough that bakers use on TV.  Then add olives and basil and continue kneading.  Fill muffin pan with a bit of the mixture in each cup and bake at a high temperature for a few minutes (mine was around 22o degrees Celsius, so convert as you like).  Pray.  Remove biscuits/scones/muffins once golden brown and hope that they are cooked through.