We're (I'm) BACK!!!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

We're (I'm) BACK!!!

Hello dedicated readers! Dry those tear stained eyes because the days of Traipsing Tastes have returned!  I had to take a small hiatus to cook, for real, in a restaurant (gasp) but now that I have quit, it's back to the fun stuff. 

But oh the things I learned!

You can now say you know a former Parisian chef.  I cooked brunch on the weekends at a local eatery, where all the cool people went.  Granted, I wasn't doing haute cuisine, but I definitely improved my vocabulary in addition to earning a few battle wounds from the oven.

More on that later, but for now, take a look at the things I've cooked up lately.  America meets France once again as I crave mac and cheese.  No powdered cheese here.  Instead I prepared some diced onion and garlic in melted butter, and then melted up 4 of my favorite cheeses into it.  Once it was good and gooey, added the cooked pasta and got it all nice and coated.  The special touch was the fried bacon that I then tossed in -- call me a fatty.   I dumped it into a baking dish and topped it with some bread crumbs and butter before tossing it into the oven. 

A note on bread crumbs:  they don't really exist in France.  Instead, I had to buy some cheap brioche, basically stale bread, and mash it up, seasoning as I desired (salt n peppa baby).  Way more fun than buying a can of them!

A note on bacon:  it doesn't exist in France like in the States.  I buy poitrine fumée, which looks the same and almost tastes the same if prepared correctly.  I like to fry it slowly in a touch of oil over medium heat until the fat gets crispy.  Patience is required, but rewarded.

Once it was baked, I had a crispy top with a melted delicious interior that tasted divine.  Talk about good ole American fare.  It's a challenge to get a taste of home without having your mother mail you American goods, but it's not impossible!


  1. of course you added bacon! true paula style. xoxo

  2. and are you back for good or is this a one time thing? your fan(s) would like to know...

  3. Oh I can finally come out of mourning! I have worn black for so many months

    And I echo Arrabito's question- don't toy with our emotions