February 2010

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Spoiling Students

So my friends the graduate students have invited me to a birthday party tonight (Happy Birthday Ivy!). My contribution? My shining smile.

Oh, and the cake.

Normally a birthday cake is no big deal, but try finding a 3 layer chocolate cake in a city where flat fruit tarts rule supreme. So here's my attempt at a cake decorated with all of the love I could muster up at 11:30 last night and a piece of wax paper I found on my shelf.

Cake decorating tools needed!

And because the decorating couldn't stop there, there are cupcakes to go up alongside. Ivy originally told me 20 people were coming. Twenty turned to 30 and then I realized that my dinker cake would not be enough. So naturally I made cupcakes. Four kinds. Pistachio; date and almond; lemon; and a floral bouquet cake with hints of rose, jasmine, and violet (it was all included in the tea bag that I used). What marvels...

Monday, February 15, 2010

New Start, New Look

It's been a while...a few months in fact! I thought I'd change things up a bit and find a more appropriate title and layout. It's a work in progresss.

But Paris has been kind to me this fall and winter and the springtime thaw will soon be here. The only thing keeping me warm on a cold February's eve -- food.


This winter, cupcakes, tier cakes, soups, and cheesey Alpine dishes have been on the menu. A trip to Grenoble has introduced me to the raclette, while fondue has been on the dinner table a few times since (once with baby bottles of wine, naturally). Visits to the market have been infrequent at best, but there was some pumpkin soup and corn chowder thrown into the mix.

Big news includes the fact that I have perfected the art of American cake baking with French ingredients. I have even been propositioned for my cakes (financial gain in this time of crisis...who would have thought cakes would fill the void?). There will be more on that to come, but let's just say that the possibilities are endless!

And finally, most of the blame for my lack of writing falls upon Pink Flamingo pizzeria, where I have been working part time since September. Mom and Dad sure are proud that my education landed me in a Parisian pizza shop, but I learn more French peddling pizzas than I do reading grammar books. How else do you learn to say things like, "That's a hot looking pizza" in Bangladeshi, Spanish, and French?

Anyway, that's where we are for the moment, cooking up a storm when I'm not serving pizza or at the office. Change is in the air, though...so is the delicious scent of my chocolate cake...which I think is burning...Ciao!