Hidden cupcakes...

Cupcakes are spreading around Paris pretty quickly these days. Two stores are climbing up Montmartre into one of Paris' most tourism-laden districts and profiting from the trend. Berko has opened up a new boutique on rue Lepic as of February, and Miss Cupcake has just opened one around the corner on rue Vieuville.

Berko offers the same cupcakes and cheesecake available in their original Marais location on rue Rambuteau. Still decidedly French-inspired, the cakes promise to sell well just a few meters from the cafe that Amelie worked at, a tourist stop in its own right.

Miss Cupcake is an American-inspired boutique with a few small tables located on a sunny corner right by where rue des Martyrs ends. Cutesy and pink, the shop offers American flavors like peanut butter and chocolate alongside classics like coffee, chocolate, and vanilla (see image). While nothing surprising, the cakes are akin to Synie's on the Left Bank with less charm, refinement, or titillating flavors.

Montmartre, check. Marais, check. St. Germain, check. Bastille, check. So, who's next?