May 2010

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Sad days for cupcakes...

So remember when Monoprix started selling cupcakes in their bakery section?  Now, truth be told, I love Monoprix.  It's like the French Target meets American supermarket (ishly).  There is a bakery section with mediocre breads and pastries, inexpensive, but decent.  I was surprised, however, to see the cupcake among the ranks of the eclairs and millefeuilles the other day.

Naturally, I bought them.  Chocolate chocolate and raspberry.  Far from the worst cupcakes I have ever had, they were also really far from the best.  The chocolate cake was stiff and the icing tasted like it came from a can.  The raspberry was just weird.

Kudos for the effort but the 2.50 euros that I spent on it could have been better spent.  I just hope no one tasted this cupcake for the first time because I'm not sure if it's super sweet icing and and odd texture would turn them on to the dessert...

Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother's Day success...?

So remember when I sent a batch of un-iced cupcakes trans-Atlantically from France to Philly?  It turns out that arrived just in time for Mother's Day!  I sent them on Monday and all but one envelope arrived by Saturday.  Still not sure what happened to that last package!

I had my sister whip up some butter cream appropriate for the flavors (FOUR different kinds...what a son...) and they had them for dessert yesterday with the rest of the family.  I thought it'd be nicer to send a bouquet of cakes than of flowers.  I think my brother took care of that much...

The only thing they said so far was that the cakes were still moist and the rose was "good."  Now I'm just waiting for the final feedback.  It's been almost 24 hours since I talked to them on the phone and still no word...this can't be good...

Chloe -- no sweet tooth but decent cupcakes!

Chloe's, a sponsor for Cupcake Camp just opened recently in the 9th arrondissement on rue Jean-Baptiste Pigalle.  Cute, pink, and retro, it's everything you would think a cupcake boutique would be.  Cat and I headed there for a "business meeting" and we shared a peanut butter cupcake as well as a banana one.  Not bad, we admitted, but Chloe's story is an odd one.

Apparently since the age of 9 she hasn't been able to eat sugar.  Diabetes would spell disaster for most bakers, but she trudged through it.  One wonders how she samples her recipes since she doesn't even touch sugar.  But she is working with gluten and sugar free recipes in order to share cupcakes with everyone.  An admirable goal.  Her sweet persona won us over immediately.

Definitely a recommendation for a Pigalle/Montmartre cupcake crawl.  She also sells bagels, coffee, and tea, so this place has got something for (almost) everyone.