Thursday, November 11, 2010

Le Petit Ecolier...

The cookie!  The student!
Dear Readers,

My apologies to you (both of you) who have been keeping up with my blog.  Sadly due to various commitments I had to take yet another hiatus, but things are looking up in Paris, even as the rain falls down without signs of stopping.

I have, over the last month, joined the ranks of great French minds like Madame Curie, John Calvin, and the Petit Ecolier as I have begun my masters degree at the Sorbonne!  I am enrolled in a program for communications, so continuing to blog is, I figure, an important component to keep up with the shenanigans going on in the internet world.  

More importantly, being an American student in Paris is exciting in a less-than-usually-cliché sort of way.  While plenty of foreign, English-speaking students do enroll at French schools, few enter into exclusively French programs like real French people.  So far, in my program of 200+ people, I have yet to meet anyone who speaks English as their mother tongue.  

This point is reinforced by the fact that I take an English course, mandatory for all students.  In my seminar, I am singled out as the sole reference for all things "anglophone," be it British culture or koalas.  I don't mind, but it's starting to get intense.  How do you stand a chance to fight a skewed representation of your own nation when A) you haven't lived their for two years and B) there is no standard representation of your nation?

I digress, these are topics for future classwork and blog posts, but for now, just a note that I will do my best to share these fun stories with you as I step out of the kitchen (no more cooking in's been real...) and into the classroom.  And while I'm studying I'll also have tales to tell from the life of a tour guide as I am now giving English walking tours to travelers.  Aiy aiy...and I'm still writing and flexing that journalistic muscle as much as possible...
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