Paris Fail: Bearotica

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Paris Fail: Bearotica

Based on your fantasies, this statue of an apparent lovers' embrace could be a Win.  A quick glance at this statue would lead onlookers to believe that this man was looking for more than a hug from this smiling bear.  

If you are a child roaming the Jardin des Plantes trying to enjoy the sunshine and the new flowers, it's probably a Fail.  You will be scarred.  A closer look reveals that the bear is not looking for action, but actually revenge.  The man has killed the bear's cub as it hangs from his pantless-hip.  

Going to bed with that creature, especially with an awkwardly-placed knife in its neck, seems like punishment enough.  Do you think they'll remove the dead cub from his waist before getting down to it?

If only the man had worn pants...

Props to pal Claire for the cheeky title of the post.  We wandered the gardens all day and even caught a view of some sleeping wallabies in the menagerie.  No live bears, but prepare for next week's visit to the orangutans...

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