Monday, March 28, 2011

Paris Fail: Wedding Dress Cabaret

The Moulin Rouge, the red windmill -- we all know it.  Made famous by, amongst others, Nicole Kidman, the  dance hall is something of a Paris icon.  And what better way to celebrate your wedding than a photo shoot at the infamous cabaret where women once -- and still do -- take off their tops to make ends meet?

Iconic, of course, but, Lady in the Red Dress, let me tell you, to add the air shaft into the mix is borderline tacky.  As if that red dress weren't already...

It's OK, his white suit just proves that you two are made for each other.  Love is blind, after all.  Congrats!


  1. Um... women don't "take off their tops to make ends meet" at the Moulin Rouge, it's a choreographed show (vegas style if you need an American reference) and are professional dancers who train. Do you have a problem with womens' breasts?

  2. Well, it's tongue in cheek, first of all. But the current choreography does include topless women...who are paid to dance as such. I didn't call them hookers, I called them topless dancers...which they are. Professional ones, I agree.

    Also striptease and cancan dancing have been cornerstones of the Moulin Rouge's "revues" for over a hundred years, so I don't think anyone really has a problem with breasts here in Paris.