Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Paris Fail: Facilitating Bad Grades...

Now I'm pretty sure I am getting this one wrong, but at first glance, it does say what we all think it says. Hit the books then hit the dance floor, right? Taking it at face value, I dare to call this a "win" except that my homework is piled up next to me and, well, I feel that the sentiment runs contrary to education. 

I can just imagine that around 8PM the books close, the disco ball drops, and that sexy librarian becomes, well, a sexy librarian dancing on her desk.  I think students would have a lot more incentive to get to study if there was a little Lady Gaga thumping and a smoke machine in the stacks.  Just sayin'...


  1. RPP Productions round II, Paris. It's on. 2011?

  2. Actually, Discothèque also means "a place where you can rent CDs and DVDs, just like a Bibliothèque does for books". :)

    Generally when a building does both, it's summarized into "médiathèque".

    But your explanation sounds like much more fun ^^

  3. Hehe Cam, thanks for the clearing up...I just think that any anglophone that sees this sign must get instantly giddy before the reality set in...