Paris Win: Le Country Line Dancing

They were havin' fun, no doubt about it.
Fantastic shirt.
As if watching dubbed versions of "Doctor Quinn Medicine Woman" and searching in vain for green tea lattes at Starbucks aren't stark enough reminders of the odd parts of American culture that succeed and fail to become part of France, there's this.  Country line dancing in front of the mayor's office at the Hotel de Ville.  

Apparently the Francophone Federation of Country and Line Dance decided to celebrate themselves last Sunday and the results were nothing short of nostalgic for a young expat.  

At first it seemed ridiculous, but then I realized, why not do this in one of the most public spots in Paris?  It would be ridiculous to keep some of those outfits locked up in the closet.  

The dancers were true to their craft, smiling and cheering with each kick and dosey doe.  Throw in some cotton candy, funnel cake, and a few farm animals and nostalgia for the hometown county fairs would have churned within me.  Fortunately, within a five minute walk, I was back to Paris, fashionistas in the Marais, and medieval architecture discoveries that abated the nostalgia.  But for a brief moment, I could see the fireworks and hear the downbeat of the Star Spangled Banner...or at least some Taylor Swift...