Paris Win: Motown Philly, Back Again

A trip to my local Monoprix supermarket this morning unveiled what, to many, can be considered nothing short of a miracle.  If you're from Philly, you'll sympathize, especially if you were a fan of the old Nabisco-turned-Kraft factory off Route 1...I can still smell the cookies..

No one's feeling the cucumber or garlic ones...YET
Anyway, here in Paris, rumors have circulated that Philadelphia cream cheese has been making its way onto grocery store shelves, but my normal food spots that I like to visit didn't have it, aside from the overly-expensive Grande Epicerie that had imported the cream cheese or any of the "American" grocery stores that charge a first-born child.

Today, while I was looking disparagingly at some St-Moret cheese that I would have to use for a cheesecake, my eyes were attracted by an all-too-familiar logo.  There it was, among all of the other cheeses, my beloved Philadelphia.  In three varieties, no less.  It's here -- the rumor's are confirmed.  And as if the finding of such a wonder weren't miracle enough, the Philadelphia brand was actually cheaper then the St-Moret brand.  

If Paula Deen doesn't convince you, I think the Aussies will charm you with their marketing campaign.  You just gotta love it.

I bought three packs just in case Monoprix starts rationing it.  I'm tempted to run back this evening to get the cucumber-flavored one to spread on my bage---er, on my baguette for breakfast in the morning...

Just a little trip down memory lane...