Paris Fail: I Got 99 Problems...and the "B" is One...

Props to fellow tour guide Tyler for chuckling at this screen while in the metro last night.  The RER B, the regional railway that runs out to the Charles de Gaulle airport, was having some problems according to this message.  The rough translation?

"As a repercussion of various incidents, traffic is flowing very slowly on the entire train line."

Various incidents, ya don't say?  Normally the RATP, Paris' public transportation service, is a little bit more forthcoming with their announcements.  Usually they tell you if there is an electrical problem, if a passenger got sick, if there is a suspicious package, or if there is a mix-up with the train signals.

Not today.  Today it was hot, it was raining, it was a Tuesday -- there too many issues to even mention on the screen, so just trust them, as a result of "various incidents," your train will be delayed.  

Thanks for understanding.