Dog Days of Autumn: Puppy Fever...

Friday, October 21, 2011

Dog Days of Autumn: Puppy Fever...

While cat-sitting for a friend this week, I did a little soul-searching.  Do I really want a pet?  The question is a recurrent one, prompting discussions with friends including Youtube clips of adorable puppies and cats talking to each other.  It’s a sickness; one that I think I need to cure soon.

Maybe it's time for a real animal...
The dog-cat debate is a heated one.  I’ve considered other contenders – birds, gerbils, monkeys, panted-donkeys, and living teddy bears – but in the end I think the dog wins out.  I know I said I wanted a kitten, and my backtracking may seem a bit hypocritical, but I’ve been watching a lot of political debates lately so I don’t feel that guilty.

I was in Uniqlo the other day waiting in line to buy socks, something I like to do – already a good sign for a dog owner – and I saw the most adorable terrier pulling at his owner’s leash.  I was on the verge of walking up to the man and asking him what the dog’s breed was (Parson Russel, I already knew) before punching him in the face and running off with the dog, leaving the socks behind. 

If I’d sacrificed reasonably-priced socks for a puppy, then you know I’m being genuine.

Stalker photos of dogs in metro...a sign?
Cat-sitting has re-opened my eyes to what I really want.  This week’s cat, Jazz, much like the previously-mentioned Cali, is adorable.  He likes a little bit of affection, he’ll play with me, and then he’ll vomit on the floor before hiding under the bed grumbling.  I can’t speak cat, not well at least, but I’m pretty sure he’s telling me in his British accent to get out of the house because he’s tired of me.  Cats always speak in British accents.

Dogs won’t do that.  First off, they have American accents, really cute ones.  A dog, I know, will drag me out of bed at 7AM in the dead of an icy February morning to go pee, but a dog will also sit at a cafĂ© with me, go to the market with me, rush to welcome me when I come home and never get bored of me.  A dog will race me up the stairs to my fifth floor apartment, will beg for scraps at the table, will sit with me along the Canal as I pretend to read a book but really watch the tourist boats float by slowly.

Maybe I’ll flip flop again, but this fall, puppy fever has hit.  I’m taking applications for babysitters for next summer in case I ever need one, but I can’t imagine wanting to go anywhere where little [insert name here] will not be allowed.  Oh yea, then there’s the business of a name…so many details…


  1. no.

    and also, bring pup home to me. he looks sad.

  2. next time you want to steal a dog, call me.

    I'm telling you, your name choices are: Dexter, Napoleon, King Louis. That other one I'm clearly forgetting because it wasn't memorable enough shouldn't even be considered.

  3. you are not the only one with puppy fever. I'd say André has had to delete about 30 emails this week containing URLs of various breeder websites sent by yours truly.

    Also, I will steal dogs with you.

  4. Bridget, Pup stays here...

    Lindsey, Dexter??

    Caroline, do you have a ski mask?

  5. It's hard to resist a cute puppy. Really, really hard. Just ask mine.

  6. laughed my way through the first read - then read it again!!!

    How about Leo? or just Louie? is it going to be a boy?

    LOVE stalker photo - get one of those!!!

  7. The vomiting one would be mine! I'am sure it has nothing to do with you being there:) Maybe nerves or side effect of the vacination he just had !
    Take a dog, you can bring it to holland when you come and visit me !


  8. Love it Bryan!
    Names: think of the naughtiest kid you knew in school. My dog (not cat) would be Raymond.

  9. you know what is a really great name?

    Leif Erikson.


  10. i agree that leif erikson should be your top choice. i can't think of a better name for a dog.

  11. omg the person above me is so right. first i thought you should name him sasquatch, but now i agree that leif erikson is the only way to go.