Host with the Most: The Local Way Paris

Sometime ago, while just getting my feet wet at the Sorbonne, scared out of my wits, and working for a tour company that paid me in tips, I got an email.  A production company in New York was looking for a host for a travel series they wanted to produce about Paris.  They heard about me through a series of grapevines and reached out to ask if I’d like to work with them. 

The fee?  Some meals and the chance to be filmed with all of my clothes on.  Already about as down and out as I could get, I said, sure, why not?  Fancying myself an Anderson Cooper or Barbara Walters, I met the two producers and things got under way.  Plus, I was at the point where I’d do most anything for a free meal.  The clothes thing I wasn’t too picky about.

As the filming approached, I realized there were issues here.  First off, I was mid-school year and I was so poor that eating vegetarian became a necessity, not a choice.  I shouldn’t have been doing free work.  Secondly, I was no TV host.  My experience in front of the camera was nonexistent and I had no idea what to expect.  Thirdly, who the hell was I to host a travel series?  Sure, I had some experience, I knew Paris, and more importantly I loved Paris, but a host?  Did Diane Sawyer rely on love to get through the news?

I met my cohost Anna, and the camera started to roll.  After several laughter-filled days of intense shooting, late night voice-overs, and embarrassingly numerous outtakes, we had completed the task and anxiously awaited the edits.  My fears ended up unwarranted and I only blushed on camera for the first five minutes.  After that, I delivered time and again a series of Emmy-winning performances of Susan Lucci calibor (more or less).

Producers Amanda and Steve worked to bring all of our rambling shots and botched lines together into one coherent and smartly edited piece that is “The Local Way Paris: Baguettes and Boulangers.”

This is the first in a series of videos that will be coming out dealing with different -- you guessed it -- local aspects of Paris (film, neighborhoods, food, writing, etc.).  Also keep an eye out for the gag reels that promise some fun bloopers that I may have or have not intentionally committed….