More Haribo, Please!

After running an 18k with Heather a few months ago, I discovered that the perfect running companion (well, in addition to Heather) was a plastic baggy full of Haribo.  The tiny gummies provided the burst of sugar that I needed to conquer every kilometer, and I don’t think I would have made it past 10k without each little bear that I decapitated with my teeth.

This runner’s treat has since become an obsession.  From smuggling back German varieties to wagging a finger at Franprix for not having my favorite (the sour Smurfs), it’s become unhealthy.  Once I open a bag of Haribo, I know it won’t last long.  Bears, Smurfs, crocodiles – no character is free from the wrath of my sweet tooth.  Going for a run is just an excuse to eat an entire bag of sweets afterwards.

And the choices just keep getting better.  A trip to the Monoprix supermarket yesterday revealed that Orangina, everybody’s favorite orange drink, has teamed up with Haribo.  A match made in heaven?  Indeed.  I immediately bought a bag, hoping it would last more than one night.  Of course, it didn’t.

They were supposed to be sour (pik!), but ever since the War Head craze of the 1990s, I don’t think anything in France can compare to real sour candy.  Instead, they were delightfully citrusy with a little zing.  The best part?  I’m reasonably, though unscientifically sure that the bag I consumed qualified as a serving of fruit.  Health benefits galore!

Is the anything wrong with a 26 year old man shopping weekly for Haribo candy?  Probably.  I’m always the tallest person in the aisle.  But I need to keep sampling the varieties so I can plan the menu for September’s marathon.  While Heather’s great for moral support and chit chat while we run, I can’t possibly hope to complete 42 kilometers without a few Smurfs and teddies by my side as well.

But don’t worry, Heather, I’ll share.