Things I Didn't Count On...

Put some new shoes on...
Here it is, before dawn, and I’m lacing up to go for a big training run.  When I signed up for the September marathon in the Medoc region a few months ago, this isn’t what I imagined, but then again there were a few surprises along the way.

1. Diet: I never thought I’d pay so much attention to my diet.  From cutting out useless carbs and most all dairy (Lactaid pills as well) to adding almond milk and peanut butter shakes to my routine, it’s been weird.  I’ve never eaten healthier or paid as much attention to making sure I eat my meals before.  Gotta keep that engine fueled!

2.  Spending: Speaking of buying new foods, I’ve also become quite the runner shopaholic. Going to sports stores and throwing down for new shoes, energy gels, and new clothes is the new shopping spread for me.  While I normally hesitate to buy myself nice things for everyday life, I have absolutely no qualms spending 20 euros to wake up on Sunday mornings to participate in a race.  Who needs Chanel in Paris when you have sportswear?

Waking before dawn...???
3.  Dawn: Getting up early – especially on Sunday – to run 10 or 15k is not something I envisioned myself doing.  Maybe when I’m 55, but I feel like most 20 year olds are probably busy on Saturday nights and thus forgo any Sunday morning commitments.  Sure, today is Monday, but as I await the sun’s rising, I’m still surprised at myself.

4.  Wanting more: Once you start running, you can’t stop. After a short 5k run, I have to tell myself to call it quits for the day.  And in our training schedule, we’re supposed to run only every other day.  Sometimes I get the urge to throw on some SPF, a tee shirt and shorts, and just run with only some music to guide the way.  But I have to limit myself.  And you (maybe) thought drugs were addictive??

5.  Fun:  When my dad tried to get me to run in high school, I scoffed.  I hated it.  Where was the pleasure?  Now, older and wiser, I get it.  Having concrete goals to meet, running towards that runner’s high, and traveling to a destination to run 42.2 kilometers have all proven to be quite the uplifting, and, goshdarnit, fun.  I’m smitten for running, and I never thought we’d be a good match.

Whoops, time to go.  30k, here I come (I hope!).