Froyo Crisis in Paris Relieved

Friday, May 10, 2013

Froyo Crisis in Paris Relieved

So healthy...

So that whole lactose intolerance thing wasn’t a phase, apparently. Still no cream. No soft cheeses. No – gasp – ice cream. While Lactaid pills (my soon-to-be official sponsor…) allow me to get my fix at Pozetto of chocolate-hazelnut gelato, I’m out of pills. Sorbet it is. I’ve grown fond of fruit-flavored frozen treats, but let’s be honest – fat makes everything taste better.

Fortunately, the minuscule frozen yogurt scene in Paris has helped keep me in touch with the dairy world while offering “froyo” with live culture in them, allowing me to digest the otherwise nauseating milk-based dessert. Sadly, there are few locations, and they are, indeed, far between.

MyBerry, the go-to in the Marais, is more often closed than open, and with lines to boot when the sun starts shining. Their address on the Ile St-Louis is, sadly, no longer with us. There is a froyo crisis of sorts, it seems.

The other day, while on a hunt that turned epic for a froyo fix, a friend and I walked from the Marais to Odéon. Both MyBerry and newly opened Yogurt Factory were closed (comme d’hab). We walked to St-Germain, but our final attempt left us craving some cookie-topped yogurt at It Mylk. Of course they had recently closed this address to move up somewhere in Montmartre, and we weren't about to scale the hill with no energy to fuel us.

Both lactose-intolerant, and both strongly in need of something rich and creamy, we hit up Amorino for some chocolate sorbet, devoid of milk and you wouldn’t even know it! Paired with a bit of banana sorbet, it was like the Popsicle brand “Bullet” of my childhood. I could almost hear the ice cream man’s jingle as he drove down the street… 
Baci Bisou...

But I was angry. Angry at froyo. I was ready to give up on it entirely. But fortunately Karma has rewarded me (apparently) by allowing Baci Bisou to open up by the Canal – the first frozen anything available in the neighborhood outside of a supermarket or French women’s glares. At last!

Topped with whatever you could want – Haribo, cookies, chocolate, coconut, and a variety of seasonal fruits – it was all I hoped it’d be. The yogurt is less tart than MyBerry and it felt more like ice cream. And they have a hazelnut variety that comes out of the machine – I’m going to go ahead and say Franco-Italian soft serve – which I’ll try once I get my pill delivery soon.

Now that froyo is available so close to home, my only hope is that they’ll launch a fidelity card or some sort. Sorry, sorbet, I’ll see you soon. Maybe.


Vintage throwback...remember the 90s...

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