Paris First World Problems: Round 1

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Paris First World Problems: Round 1

Inspired by the wonders of social media, where #Paris seems to have taken over my life, I’ve started to notice some things that many people tend to exaggerate. It’s fun to embellish and practice hyperbole, it’s a great tool, but when it’s not paired with proper perspective, it can become borderline offensive. Here's round 1 from some of my latest observations...

My sushi delivery is taking forever
That moment when you realize that you ordered sushi online to be delivered to your 5th story walk-up, and you know you don’t even have to leave the delivery boy a tip. He better not have forgotten the miso.

Even the gelato is frozen...ugh...
I hear they serve frozen meals here...

I had to eat a meal made of partially frozen food
Maybe you’d like a really fresh meal, but plenty of people, about 840 million of them, wouldn’t complain if their broccoli came from a freezer instead of right from the ground. But they probably wouldn’t appreciate the fresh stuff anyway.

I have so much paperwork to do to apply for my residency card/nationality in this country
That moment when you (if an American) realize that if your paperwork doesn’t go through at the prefecture, you might have to go back to the United States of America. And you thought those Afghanis living in the park and under the bridges of the Canal St-Martin seeking political asylum in England had it rough.

There is a huge line at my bakery for bread that costs around 1 euro...
Waiting in a line for bread is just not cool. Even if it is dirt cheap. Don’t they remember that a revolution started over this insanity? But you’re not about to go get one that comes out of the machine at Monoprix. You’re not an animal.

…then finding out they are out of traditions and you have to settle for a regular baguette

Just. A. Disaster.

Thanks, Genevieve, for the input on that last one. I hope you get your tradition next time :) Now I'll go remove my tongue from my cheek and see what else is happening on Twitter...


  1. Best of luck, Bryan !

  2. Visiting Paris from June 11th to June 20, 2014. Huge line dancer, and chance you are available for a tour of line dancing locales in Paris?


    1. Not sure if I know of any line dancing in Paris...might be tough...