Adieu 2015: It's Been Real

Dear Santa, this Christmas, I want...

Well it’s finally over. The year 2015 seemed to be the year that would never end, full of waiting, surprises, tragedy, and excitement. At least it was for me in Paris. Never has a December ever really felt like the end before, but it's all in a good way.

I’m not about to let Facebook decide what the highlights were of my year. I really think I know better than it does. And if not, then we’re all doomed.

So 2015 definitely had its share of high points. It was the year I traveled to Australia, China, Amsterdam, Budapest, and around France to places like Lille and exotic Amiens. It was the year I broke my own personal record at the Berlin Marathon, sneaking in under 3 hours and 50 minutes. It was the year I became a French citizen. It was the year when, just one week ago, I defended my PhD thesis and became a doctor at the Sorbonne. 

China! The Great Wall is every bit as long as it is covered with people...
I’m not complaining. There was some pretty cool stuff going on this year. And I am totally ready for a little break from it all.

But from every high, one must come down. The year started off with tragedy as writers at satirical newspaper Charlie Hebro were murdered in Paris. The memorial at Place de la République, just steps from my door, is playing double duty now. The horrendous attacks of November 13th have left Paris shaken yet again, and the candles still burn out at the statue. It hasn't been all Champagne, cheese, and travel. But I'm getting back to it.

My flag.

Going towards 2016, the highs may not be as high, but hopefully the lows won’t be as low either.For now, it’s all a transitional moment, a time to turn the page. I’m no longer a student, and I can’t justify avoiding life because, as so often was the case, “I have to work on my thesis.”

No longer.

This thing is DONE.
In 2016, there will be much travel, exciting job prospects (hopefully), and new adventures. I'm fully graduated from school, fully integrated into French society, and fully frightened of having to become, what I imagine to be, almost an adult. Apparently that’s what people do when they are about to turn 30. I’m not convinced yet that I’ll ever actually grow up, but hey, I’ll give it a chance. 

Paris is getting back to being Paris. 2016 should start nicely...

First thing’s first, it’s time to head to the south of France for a bit of holiday celebration and ridiculous amounts of food. Becoming an adult will be January’s problem.