April 2017

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Turin: A Tale of Mummies and Chocolate

There should be a view of the mountains somewhere, but pollution haze took over.
The debate raged on over as we ate our burritos. Was in Turin or Torino? I couldn’t get it out of my mind that in English we said Torino, but the Brits in the running club insisted it was Turin. It was a  Wednesday night and I was leaving on Saturday, and I still didn't know how to pronounce the name of my destination. Either way it didn’t matter. I was going and that was that (note: it is Turin in English and French. It's Torino in Italian.)

The advantage of living in London, among other things, is a seemingly endless array of airports that whisk you away to far-flung places. For my holiday in April, I wanted to experience something new before heading to visit family in the south of France. Maybe Greece? Maybe Africa? Maybe, but no. Instead, I headed to Turin, a city of chocolate and Egyptians. Not so far-flung, but I needed a dose of Italy.