First Book is Out Now!

Wednesday, August 8, 2018

First Book is Out Now!

Who's that author? Ever heard of him?

When I started my PhD in 2012, I just wanted to hang out in Paris and read some books. Six years later, my research and work has made its way to bookshops, both physical and virtual, published in my first monograph.

Travel Journalism: Informing Tourists in the Digital Age takes a look at questions facing contemporary travel journalists. Specifically, it speaks to those of us who have worked both in print and digital media over the years, to explore how blogging and social media have upended professional routines.

While travel writing, the tourism industry, and journalism have evolved together over the years, we're at a point now where tourists are swimming in a sea of possibilities online. Who can they trust? What information is true? What is the role of blogging? Of TripAdvisor? Of influencers? Of the sharing economy? There are so many questions and this book only begins to offer some answers.

Are you a student? A professional? A researcher? Great! You should find something useful in this book. It includes a healthy mix of academic research and professional experience that open up a lot of questions for you to ponder and 

Are you an aspiring travel writer? A casual blogger? A novice traveler? Sure, you may find certain chapters interesting, if not useful, but please don't think it's a breezy beach read. It's very much oriented towards academics and professionals and should not be considered a how-to or a guide. Just putting it out there now! I can't wait for the Amazon reviewers complaining that it was too academic...but you've been warned!

The book is just another step in travel journalism research. Tourism is the world's biggest industry, and vitally important to so many nations. It seems like a good idea, I argue, to understand how the information of these places reaches audiences. Travel journalism is a major player in that process, so it's worthwhile to take a closer look! 

If you do pick up a copy, I'd love to know what you think or if you have any questions. 

Check it out on Amazon (US) or on Routledge's homepage (UK). Happy reading!


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