Remember China?

Remember when I came back from China a year ago? I got on a flight and returned to America without a plan? I was working at the country's state media agency and did things like host livestreams and this report on the international horticultural expo? Remember that? I was on Chinese TV? Who knew?

Remember when I was just hopping along the Great Wall of China? Remember, my biggest concern was not missing the bus back to the city?

Remember when crowds were the rule and not the exception? We were just like, hey, please don't sneeze on me, but it won't kill me.

Remember when I spent pennies on things like this and was just the happiest little American camper in China?

Remember when Teddy and I went to Shanghai and it was one of the most amazing travel experiences ever? Remember? Riding bikes through the Former French Concession?

Remember when I worked in a building that could be mistaken for nothing other than a villain's headquarters?

Remember when I had to wear a face mask when I would go outside? Oh, wait...