All About Bryan

All About Bryan

So where is Bryan? Currently this Franco-American journalist can be found in Paris, teaching at the Sorbonne.

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The blog's name? Well, when French children study English, they learn about a character named "Bryan." The old text books would force children to ask the question, "Where is Bryan?" and of course, the answer was, "In the kitchen." Rarely does a moment go buy when, during an introduction a French person, he or she inevitably laughs at me and strikes up some joke about the kitchen.

Thanks to a very famous comedian in France, Gad Elmaleh, you can see why it's so funny. Check out his stand-up routine:  Where is Bryan? Sorry, it's in French, but it's still funny even if you only understand a bit of it.

All kidding aside, I do love my name.  Frequent Google attempts to find a second "Bryan Pirolli" have failed. That's pretty amazing, and if you're a Jane Smith or a Joe Johnson, you are probably jealous. As you should be.

So currently, yes, I'm in Paris. Life in the City of Light for a former New Yorker, born in Philadelphia, and raised in Bucks County Pennsylvania, is a constant adventure. Before moving to Paris, I worked as an intern and a freelancer at W magazine, Conde Nast Traveler magazine, and Travel+Leisure magazine after my undergraduate studies at NYU.

Arriving in Paris in 2008, I started working for NYU's study abroad program before taking up my studies at the Sorbonne. From delivering pizzas on a bike to making gourmet coffees as a barista, from a short order cook to organizing student trips to Grenoble, I've had my share of French experiences. I'm currently a contributor to for all things cheap and Parisian as well as to I also write occasionally for CNN Travel. I've contributed to Time Out Paris, (RIP), Zagat, DK Eyewitness Paris, and Fodor's Paris Guide.

With my PhD in hand, this former student has become the teacher at the Sorbonne Nouvelle, To help pay rent and feed my on and off coffee addition, I give guided tours to travelers (see Tours with Bryan). I love this city and I love sharing that love with travelers from all over the world.

I also love peanut butter, canals, bicycles, train rides, and running races. But I digress. Do enjoy and feel free to comment wherever and whenever you feel inspired, which I hope is often.

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