All About Bryan

All About Bryan

So where is Bryan? Currently this Franco-American journalist can be found in Beijing, working at a major international newsroom.

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The blog's name? Well, when French children study English, they learn about a character named "Bryan." The old text books would force children to ask the question, "Where is Bryan?" and of course, the answer was, "In the kitchen." Rarely does a moment go buy when, during an introduction a French person, he or she inevitably laughs at me and strikes up some joke about the kitchen.

Thanks to a very famous comedian in France, Gad Elmaleh, you can see why it's so funny. Check out his stand-up routine:  Where is Bryan? Sorry, it's in French, but it's still funny even if you only understand a bit of it.

I also love peanut butter, canals, bicycles, train rides, and running races. But I digress. Do enjoy and feel free to comment wherever and whenever you feel inspired, which I hope is often.