Parisian Favorites

Parisian Favorites

Living in Paris, it is only normal that I should have my own favorite places to go.  That said, these places are by no means the best, the highest quality, or the most appropriate for just anybody.  Still, based on friends and visitors that have been around the city with me, I have a pretty good idea of what will please and what won't, depending on who you are. Don't forget that I've been a student for the past 5 years!

So for 2015, so far, not much has changed:
Mmm Pink Flamingo Pizza...


TOP PICK Caillebotte currently for their amazingly affordable and perfect lunch menu.
Runners up
1. Septime because they made me a special dessert when I said I couldn't eat melon...
2. Le Cambodge for bo bun, great Cambodian food
3. Le Refuge des Fondues for ridiculous cheese fondue and wine in baby bottles -- not for the fussy.
4. Pink Flamingo for it's Basquiat pizza with dried figs and Gorgonzola
5. L'As du Fallafel for, what else, Lenny Kravitz-approved fallafel

Bars and Drinking

TOP PICK 25 Est for the sun-drenched terrace overlooking the canal in the summer
Runners up
1. Chez Prune because the cheese plates help soak up all of the wine you end up drinking
2. La Perle even if I am not trendy enough
3. Banana Cafe because I love Josephine Baker decor
4. Les Philosophes because good people watching over a glass of red is priceless
5. Relais d'Odeon because I have to go to the Left Bank sometimes

TOP PICK: Park Buttes Chaumont
You think you're too cool for it, but look how
happy they all are...
Runners up
1. Places des Vosges
2. Jardin des Tuileries
3. Jardin du Luxembourg
4. Jardins du Palais Royal
5. Promenade Plantee

Major Monument
TOP PICK: Hotel des Invalides
Runners up
1. Sacre Coeur
2. Notre Dame
3. Grand Palais
4. Hotel de Ville
5. Eiffel Tower

Misc. Tourist Attraction
TOP PICK:  The Catacombes
Runners up
1. Pere Lachaise Cemetery
2. Visit of the Opera Garnier
3. Escalators up the Galeries Lafayettes
4. Flea Markets at Clignancourt
5. Arenes de Lutece -- Roman amphitheater

Event/Item that Would Annoy me in America that I Appreciate Here
TOP PICK: Saying "Hello" all the time
Runners up
1. Urinating in public
2. Tiny dogs
3. Cramming into the metro
4. People selling me beer in the streets/in front of a Church
5. Not understanding someone I am talking to