Let's work together!

I'm a writer

I've written for CNN, Time Out, and T+L. I've published a book on digital travel journalism and travel guides on Paris and Italy. I created original reports for major EU marketers. There's no content I can't handle. With a degree in journalism, I'm a storyteller by training but can adapt to any content needs. At Development Counsellors International I pen blogs and white papers for clients. As a researcher I've edited SEO content for brands like EasyJet and Zagat.

I'm a creative

I do, however, consider my more than just a content farm. I'm a creative first and foremost. From launching a tour company for LGBTQ travelers to mapping a treasure hunt at London't Natural History Museum, I like to develop new ideas. Creative storytelling requires fresh thinking and certain willingness to be ridiculous, if just momentarily. I enjoy what I do, and you'll feel the same working with me.

I'm a one-stop-shop

Through all of this I have developed the entrepreneurial marketing and social media skills needed to promote my projects and various brands. With agency and freelance experience, I bring a wholistic view to everything I do and am not limited in what I can deliver. My marketing strategies include embracing diversity and inclusiveness, especially within the LGBTQ community. Reaching large audiences is good, but reaching the right audience is better.

Need some proof of my work? You can get a sense of my diverse writing on my online portfolio HERE. For more info, just get in touch!


...that time I worked with a NYC-based production company on a video travel series about Paris...

...that time I worked with a Parisian gelato maker to develop her marketing strategy...

...that time I helped create a treasure hunt at the London Natural History Museum...